about us

Okay mamas, how many of you have ever felt like you were getting half naked in order to feed your baby in public because the shirt you thought would be okay to nurse in is TOTALLY NOT? Have you caught yourself standing in your closet looking through your extensive wardrobe trying to find something you won't regret wearing later when you need to nurse or pump? If so, then your story is just like mine.

Milk Made Market is a vision born just 9 months ago when my first daughter, Prestyn Paisleigh, came into the world.

A hairdresser by trade and an all around fashion and beauty lover, I found myself living in work out clothes and oversized shirts to make nursing my baby easy until I needed to actually get back into society, which was when I went on the hunt to find stylish, practical clothing I could nurse my baby comfortably in and the be able to wear post nursing life. I found that there wasn't really a designated store I could shop in to find what I was looking for, and the mom shops I could find were over priced and left much to be desired on the fashion front.

Wanting to support smaller privately owned stores,  I ended up shopping at small boutiques and sifting through inventory to find "nursing friendly" clothes. I thought "there has to be a better way".

This is when Milk Made Market was born. An online clothing boutique offering mamas clothing to fit their needs and fulfill their fashion desires.

Thank you mamas for your love and support!!