who we are

The mission of Milk Made Market is to provide an enjoyable online shopping experience, where you’ll find clothing for the fashionable, yet practical mama nursing/pumping and beyond. We aim to provide clothing that looks great, yet has easy access for nursing or pumping so that mamas can feel comfortable and beautiful in this stage of life.

Our vision is to create a community of mamas who are proud and empowered to be who they are. To not be ashamed or feel awkward for providing sustenance to their children, but instead, feel beautiful and strong. Many times, our ability as moms to get ready in the morning isn’t easy. And sifting through our closets to find those few items that allow us to comfortably feed our babies in public isn’t easy, isn’t always cute, and isn’t cheap. Milk Made Market is mamas one stop shop; an easy place they can find fashion that fits their needs from the comfort of their own homes (or cars, or wherever their babies fall asleep and they have a moment of peace.)

We believe that motherhood is one of the biggest blessings from God and highest esteemed jobs a woman can have. We believe that it empowers a woman, and that as strong mamas, we are the cornerstones in creating a brighter future. We also believe that being a mother is beautiful and woman should feel beautiful by being able to outwardly express themselves with their fashion and style while still supporting their littles.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate you!